Second Life's Dogland Park hosts this site. Dogland is the premiere SL location for help with any SL pet. VKC dog Training classes and supplies are available at Dogland at no cost ever. VKC dogs services are provided here by the most skilled and knowledgeable specialists in world. Do not be fooled. Just because someone works at a dog park does not mean they are qualified to give you assitance. At Dogland Dog Park, every team member has been thoroughly tested, and have surpassed the test administered by VKC that allows anyone to work at a park.

Fully Trained VKC Dogs are available daily for relocation, at greatly reduced prices. There is never any cost to get any VKC dog supply, doghouses, toys, beds, or dishes... whether you are a Dog Owner or not.

D&D Dogs Inc. Services are provided here at all levels. Lost or broken D&D dogs can be replaced, also never at any cost. Fully Trained D&D Dogs are also available daily for relocation.

Dogland Park is owned and operated by SL's Independant Dog Specialist, Vitolo Rossini, "The Dogfather" and his team of hand chosen staff that know the VKC dogs better than anyone in the Virtual Dog Industry! The park is funded through sales of items on X Street SL, and in world  donations. All donations and proceeds from the Dogland Boardwalk art exhibit also support  the Center for Survivors of TBI (traumatic brain injury). This Center is located 3,000 meters above Rhoda's Dog Park, and houses 74 members, who are either TBI Survivors, or Supporters, who are using SL and Virtual Dogs as post-coma therapy to learn new ways to function, and use a virtual world to grow.

If you are interested in joining the DOGLAND Network, you are welcome!

Please Come visit Dogland at:

      For all of your Virtual K9 Companion needs, Dogland Enterprises is your #1 choice.

Linden Labs has us on their Destination Guide

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