Most Dog Groups are owned by the company that manufactures the dogs that the group represents. All of the groups you see listed here are independently owned. Not one of these groups is owned by the dog manufacturer.When a group is run by a manufacturer of a virtual dog, they will "run interference" when touchy questions are asked, in an effort to color their product in the most positive light. Every one of these groups are owned and run by the Dog Owners themselves. Here you will get the "No B.S." bottom line truth and objective answers to your questions, as we have no "stake" in making our "product" look good!


Independent Group for Owners of VKC dogs

We offer: *Access to supplies-Cheap (&free) toys, beds, houses... all usable for VKC Dogs!

*Regular notices about updates, features, contests, activities, & free creations to use with your VKC dogs.
*Info exchange-Dog related topics ok.
This group supports Dogland Park, Rhoda, & its activities. NO SPAM!
All goods/services provided by Vitolo Rossini, "The Dogfather" ~SL's Premier Dog Specialist. 
*Contact Vitolo Rossini, Danny06 Aya or Dog Seesaw to join.   
This group is designed as a  conversation channel for dog lovers. ALL NOTICES THAT GO OUT IN "OLD" VKC GROUP WILL BE SENT TO YOU!
It is an alternative to the VKC group.
It is for those times that you want to freely discuss things that are dog related.
*** this is also a place to receive notices about alternatives
to High priced toys. Here you can have access to low priced and free items for VKC dogs. There are weekly inventory offerings-dog related,
and contests for the prizes of various SL pets, and dogs!
All items are usable by all VKC dogs. Need something for a dog?Ask here...
 we are all here to help each other.
There are a number of officers in the group, who can answer most questions about
VKC dogs, and are willing to discuss. 
   The things that wont be allowed are.. Spamming, or soliciting of any type.
    You can freely talk about dog items that are for sale, or given away as gifts. 
    You can talk about anything that relates to dogs.
     Even talk about your rl dogs in comparison to your sl dog.
 If you have made something for dogs, you may tell about it here!
   NO asking for Money.This is not a place for panhandling.
   Above all no dog question or discussion is too silly!
Newly enrolled members have access to all notices, but must contact Dog Seesaw, Danny06 Aya, or Vitolo Rossini before being given ability to enter group IM.

For owners of VKC dogs who are interested in working dog sports such as protection, search/rescue, and agility training.
This the place to meet people who share your passion for working dogs.
IM  Danny06 Aya or Vitolo Rossini for an invitation.
Griefing and Spam will not be tolerated.
This group is a Dogland, Rhoda based group.


Here to give support and training guidance to  Virtual Dog Owners. VKC Dog, D&D Dog, & all SL Dog owners are welcome. Our goal is to keep the services at Dogland Park, Rhoda the best, and most rewarding in SL.
 Dog questions answered about any make of SL dog. Less chat, less group notices. Free VKC creations are not sent out to this group. Hunts/events are mentioned, but not sent out oin group Notices.


Survivors of TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury
Residents of sl..... Whether you are a survivor of a head injury-
A medical professional, with compassion- a friend to someone whos been injured- a family member of a survivor- or you just want to learn more or help others....
   This group is active in assisting folks who are recovering , or have recovered from Brain Injury. You can learn and grow right here in sl. Find new ways to think! Open new pathways in your brain.
   My name is Vitolo Rossini, and I spent 5 & 1/2 weeks in a coma...and I'm back!   I want you to search, and look at this group.
 It is growing, and there's  more to come. Group notices with inventory designed to make living in sl more fun and EASY!
Feel free to check my profile, and see where I am coming from.
We can help one another.
  Pass this notecard on, and you'll be doing a good thing, as it will eventually fall into the hands of a Survivor, who wants to share, and learn. A year in a wheelchair & speech & physical therapy haven't helped my heart as much as this! -  Vito
 Our facility offers meeting rooms, education, and group/private consultation, not to mention unique social opportunities. Located 3018 meters above Rhoda's Dogland Park for privacy, the 60,000+ meters of beach and park below offers ample opportunity to explore and learn. There's an MD and an RT on staff. It is a good place just to come and "chill out". Pets are welcome and encouraged for therapy and fun. Meet our TBI Group dog, "Theo"!
 Please Check the following Websites:


The HARMONIOUS SOCIETY OF PEACEFUL FIST, is a group designed for individuals with strength of body, mind, and spirit. 
   Disdain for immorality, and unethical violation of the laws of Karma are essential.
  At the Peaceful Fist Dojo, we help people in  situations where thier balance in life is in question,due to the influence of the dark motives of others.
   There is no charge to become a member, and many benefits.
   Search under HARMONIOUS SOCIETY OF PEACEFUL FIST, and see what we are about.
For more information contact :
Vitolo Rossini, Sensei- Peaceful Fist Dojo
     Feel free to check my profile...1st & 2nd life!
In our regular group notices, there are many interesting related inventory offerings, all free.


This Dogland Based group still carries the name of the group, before the name "Canis Beach" was usurped and used to name an inferior location, and consequentially gained a bad reputation. 

This is now Dogland Parks auxillary group. 

All of the same information that is sent out to our other groups is sent out here as well. All information about updates, new features, and new breeds is also sent here. New dog creations and all newly introduced gifts and supplies are sent here as well.                                    

 This is the group, for those who don't wish to, or who can't be in our other groups. There is very little chat in this group, and so it offers a bit more "quiet" and "privacy" to those who join. Dog owners who have been ejected from all other groups, or who have been banned elsewhere are welcome here.


This Dogland Group is a social group, made up of Kid Avi's united to support their favorite SL location. The kids in this group join in on the fun events at Dogland, and create events and parties of their own. They love the way that we uphold our PG standards, and feel at home here with all of the dogs and pets and critters that live at Dogland Park

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