Dogland Info/Events

At Dogland Park, we have extended our services to make owning an sl pet more fun and easier. We have added many attractions as well.
*Come see our classes, or get walked through VKC Dog Adoption and 
training. Not only Do we have the greatest dogs available in world, but there is more.
*We are the ONLY vendor of Jazz Johin Animated Talking Macaws.
*Shoulder Pups here of every kind, and if you contact me before buying, 

you will get a 50% discount on these pets!   

*Dogland Boardwalk has a wonderful art exhibit.
*Underwater Sea Trail explore the ocean floor.                          
* Free Classes upon request.
* Free Supplies , Beds, House for dogs
*PET SUPPLIES STORE- Vito's Neighborhood is now located right on Dogland Park
so that visitors no longer must cross travel to get to the 

best VKC dog supplies in world!
*Help recovering lost SL Dogs
*Vitolo Rossini is the only certified D&D Dogs representative in world.
*The Trainers at Dogland have gone OVER and beyond 
certification requirements. They have all passed a tough test to be 
allowed to serve you at Dogland. Only 3 People out of 10 have 
passed our personal requirements, and these are the "cream of the 
crop". This is who you can expect 24/7 service from
*Free Pet Memorial- I heard your call for a Pet Memorial that was without
cost to use, so I added one to Dogland Park. The Memorial Wall is located near the duck pond close to Dogland's Jim Roeth Little Theater. There is plenty of room for anyone to 
memorialize their friends that have passed. Send me a full perm picture 
of your pet, and write a notecard about them- say what is in your heart. 
Your pet will appear on the wall the very same day, and will remain 
there for you and for others to visit, when at Dogland. This memorial
is for anyone who has lost their rl best friend.
* There are over 35,000 meters of open Dog Walking, Pet Rezzing allowed area.
Follow the shoreline all the way around to the beautiful Dogland Boardwalks art exhibit!
* There is an ample  auto return to give you and your Dogs plenty of time to explore!
Come See us at: Rhoda 142, 155, 25
Contact: Vitolo Rossini, "The Dogfather"-Park Owner/Trainer
I get IM to email 24 /7 for your convenience!

Regeneration of Your Original VKC Dogs: Don't Do it! 

This is Dogland's Official advice concerning Regeneration of older VKC dogs. We recommend only updating and NEVER "upgrading" or "regenerating" (or other terms that may be used later).
You can "UPDATE" your dogs safely enough, but for your own benefit, avoid being convinced to "REGENERATE" your dogs.

They will try to tell you that the dogs look better (which they may except under close scrutiny). 

Notice The unusual paws, and the way the front legs bend backwards.The bone in this dogs mouth is part of the dog... it vanishes when dog is told to drop it. No more physical toys for these pups!
Notice The unusual paws, and the way the front legs bend backwards.The bone in this dogs mouth is part of the dog... it vanishes when dog is told to drop it. No more physical toys for these pups!
The new dogs you receive in return are non transferable, and can not use the same tools and toys. The original VKC dogs can "TAKE" a physical object.. or toy you make for them, by adding a simple "toy" script. The regenerated dogs can not do this, nor can they be found with the free tools like our regional dog caller (brings a dog directly to you from ANYWHERE in region) and our regionwide dog finder (locates and teleports you to a dog regardless of distance in same region).
Dogland's official advice is to not fall for the hype... and keep your original VKC dogs as they are!

You can expect rebutal/argument concerning the validity of this advice. Contact Vitolo Rossini with any questions. 


We heard your comments, and made note of your requests.

I am happy to say we were able to add all of your suggestions in our first update!

Dogland Dogs now have "Range" setting on the menu, improved "pet" animations, as well as an Auto-Update feature. To get an updated dog, bring your dog to Dogland, and show your dogs to any staff member. You will be given replacement dogs!

All future updates will be done automatically.

            NEW RELEASE!

50 pound American Bulldog "Buster" has made it to SL

It's been a long time coming!
When I came to SL I brought all that was important to me in RL with me. My wedding band was my first item back in the begining. I then brought my RL clothing, including my exact cucifix! My RL tattoo was next on the list. I finally brought photos of my loved ones, and I sculpted a duplicate of my RL Fedora passed down by my Uncle.
Long ago my wife said it would be nice if I could recreate our RL  Service Dog Buster. It would be nice I thought to have my RL service dog here. Back then I did not know how to do what I can now, and thought this a faraway dream.
Dogland Dog's Rhoda Menu Pups will release "Buster" by Easter.
Buster good friend, welcome aboard!


       Class Schedule for VKC Dog Owners


The ten week course has continuing sessions. The schedule is available at Dogland Dog Park at Dogland in Rhoda.

You can also view/copy the entire Outline by getting it from the Training signs all around Dogland Park or in right here on this page.
 If you wish a copy of the newest Outline/Syllabus you may also IM me in world, and I would be pleased to send you a copy. 
The class for owners of VKC Dogs is taught at Dogland Training Area, in Dogland Park, in Rhoda.
The class is taught on Wednesdays and is repeated throughout the day, so dog owners can show up at almost any time. This material is repeated during the week at various times, throughout the week, for those with time limitations, and scheduling differences. 

We gear this class so that those with voice options can listen, and it is transcribed in chat as well! 
The class is repeated immediately following regular class, and in evenings can be repeated in various languages, or with attention to any special needs focus.

Dogland celebrates over 50 complete set of classes! 
I have been asked to add to this blog- You do not need to have a dog to attend. If you have none one will be lent to you for the class!


VKC Dog Training Class-

10 Classes

SYLLABUS Course outline*

All supplies needed will be provided(includes Full Set of Dog Supplies and all other materials reviewed)
Session 1- We will discuss “Active/Passive”, & Settle/Stay/Roam. Next we will cover the commands that cause Fido to move to a person place or thing(go,run,on and follow). We will then explore all of the “directional” commands. These include turns to left and right, turns to compass points, turns to 180º(about face) and moving a dog forward using Navigational directions. Dog & Handler involvement in this portion of the class will be requested. All will be asked to participate.(dogs will be provided, if you forget yours- but try to bring Fido).

Session 2- Creating and using marks, An active demo will be provided of stairway navigation, and room to room navigation in the home. Some of the navigational direction commands will be reviewed, but this session’s navigation specifically uses “Marks “ for steering Fido. extra Stairs and Semi transparant houses will be available for practice at end of demo.

Session 3- Tint & color for the dogs.. How to do it, web info that will help... how to revert back to dogs original color.. Teaching Fido to remember his new color, and finally...Incorporating color and tint into tricks.Discussion of the nature of Dog Tricks. What is it that we are really seeing. Auditory and Visual Closure.[handouts for class]

Session 4- Sounds -Our dogs can reproduce any sound in a sound file. How to find the sounds you want. How to get the code of a sound for dog to use. Incorporating sounds into our tricks. Demo, and Dog/Handler participation will be requested.

Session 5- Trick Building - We will discuss using a combination of all techniques from last 4 sessions, to build visually believable tricks . Trick building will be demoed from simple to intricate. How to get dog to tell you his tricks.. and more important how to use the “list” command to get Fido to list how a specific trick was built.

Session 6- Dog Trick show and Tell - Participants in this group, will tell the name of any trick they have developed( simple to complex-doesn't matter...all that counts is participation). After telling trick name, they will describe the effect they want to achieve( what it is supossed to look like dog is doing). They will have dog “list” how Trick was taught. Finally each participant will have thier dog show the trick. This is usually the most fun and comical of all the sessions.. Dont miss it!

Session 7-“LOST DOG” - There are MANY tools at your disposal to locate a lost dog. Some are free, some not. Many of the tools are built right in to sl..You can see through walls, and actually move Camera past walls to grab a stuck dog. There will be a multitude of free finding and teleporting devices demoed, and distributed freely, as well as access to the highest tech dog locating device in sl - “Dog Tracks”. You will be alot smarter after this, and you will be able to find other things and avatars besides Fido too!

Session 8- Why Attach?- There are many uses for attach comands with dog. Having dog in no build areas, tp with dog, ride in car or motorcycle with a VKC dog. Learn attachment points, and edit techniques, and how to use this knowledge to create new "attach" tricks.

Session 9-  “Memory”- Economy of Memory. Building big tricks , using multiple smaller tricks.. and Building Super Tricks, Using Multiple Big Tricks. How to extend tricks,and conserve memory. We review use of pauses(wait), and repeat.

Session 10- "A Crash Course"- Finishing up... Review of 9 previous sessions. Recent feature discussion. Including: Friend , Mute , water/swim, Heel positioning, moveto commands, adding silent channels, and the "init" command.

          Events Gone By


As with every holiday, we like to have some fun, so for Easter we had some doozies! The box on the left contains two well scripted chocolte Bunnies. One is knee high and is a fully scripted Rhoda Menu Pet!. He is copiable, and is a ton of fun. The shoulder bunny you see is fully animated. This is no limited offer, the shoulder bunny is copiable, and transferable, so you can set the perms as you like, and gift accordingly! The box was at Vitolo's Workshop

On Easter Sunday 100 Easter Eggs were be hidden all over Dogland. Inside was our Easter Edition Dalmation Puppy. There were all sorts of other Easter Gifts all over the Park as well!

Easter was as much fun as the Easters of the years gone by!

                    Saint Patrick's Day 

Dogland got out some surprises for the month of March, We prepared a fantastic music stream of original Celtic delights, streamed by our own server.
A box was there at locations on the beach FULL of great new Irish items, full perm and free.
There was green beer for big folk, and green Kool-aid for the wee ones.
Finally every day until St Patty's Day there were hunts for shamrocks. 10 a day were hidden, with a collectors edition St. Patty's Day Dalmation Puppy inside!

Dogland, SL's Independent Dog Park, has all makes of SL dog available for relocation from other residents that have had to move on. All makes of SL dog we have for you come with all supplies made for the dog, and the most complete training available. All cost below the expected prices!
If you are a discerning individual, come see and judge for yourself!

                   VALENTINE'S DAY

Dogland Dogs made a Dalmation Puppy for Valentines Day.
Residents searched Dogland Park for RED HEARTS.
Set at 1 L$ each- A Dogland Dalmation Puppy in each!
100 were hidden right up until Valentine's Day!
92 of the 100 hearts were found. 92 people received the Dogland Dogs Dalmation Puppy seen in the photo above.

Dogland put on the greatest Agility show ever. A dozen VKC dogs ran the most realistic Agility Course in SL (see it also at Agility Course- SL Marketplace).
Next a dozen Dogland Dogs ran the course.
Finally Vitolo produced a family of Valentine Polar Bears, that delighted all of us with special tricks (they ran the course as a family!)
When all was done, VKC Dog Owner's Open Chat Group member iamacutie Doghouse won the entire family of bears!



On December 1st, The VKC creator decided to stop the practice of allowing VKC Dogs prices to fluctuate. While some owners of dogs find this distressing, most find this new policy of consistency in pricing to be a positive step.

He has made the prices of all of his original prim based dogs 1800 L$, and all of the newer sculpt based dogs are 4800 L$. Those that had bought Rottweilers and Chows and Dobermans in the past paid 3000-5000 L$. The owners of these breeds pups have been devalued. The Sculpt based dogs were also 3000 to 5000, and the Dog Maker has stabilized that cost to 4800 L$.  Some dogs have gone down in cost, some have gone higher. 

This is good news for Dogland Visitors! We still buy back any dogs at the highest rates in SL. We also now can promise visitors that any Fully Trained VKC dog they find for relocation at Dogland will cost under 1800 or under 4800 depending on the breed!

You are assured a consistent buy back rate, and you know what the price ceiling is when looking for a dog!

Come visit us at Dogland Park, to find the best dog/pet supplies in world, and to find the best deals on almost every make of SL dog. Our Fully Trained relocated VKC Dogs are available at discounted costs daily.   (Post by Dog Seesaw)

              DOG GAMES!

The Rhoda Menu Pups have  a "control" feature that allows you to steer your dog using your keyboards arrows.
The dogs can push physical objects like balls. Think of the possibilities!
Since the dogs are physical, they can be fun and challenging when you steer them through a course of obstacles.
You can invent your own ramps, and tubes, and try  to steer your dogs around through each of them.
We will soon have an official Obstacle Course set up uniquely designed for your Rhoda Menu Pups.
Dog owners are encouraged to submit unusual ideas, obstacles, and challenges to Vitolo Rossini. If your ideas or creations are used, your name will appear on the Dogland Dogs website-
The first Dog Owner that has built obstacles and challenges that were GREAT was Caylynn Adored. She has impressed me with her ideas, creations, and the skill she demonstrated while controlling her pug and finding fun ways to love her dog!

       Last Important Update to VKC Dogs

After 2011 no further updates were considered urgent by us for your Original VKC dogs.

Here are the updated features:

If you issue the "stay" command incorrectly, dog will explain the right way to you

The "name" and "rename" commands will not accept names of just one character. 

The dogs can no longer be petted when on "heel." 

The water command can now be followed by other commands

Dog will bounce off world less

Two new commands for finer control over stay and settle:

release stay will release stay but keep settle;

release settle will release settle but keep stay;

roam still will release both stay and settle.

If you have changed dogs heel position, you can revert to default with the command "fido position -1 -1".

*"init" . you can teach a trick called "init". Init is a trick that lets the dog comply with the commands as soon as he is rezzed. If you don't want the dog to have his collar, and want him to avoid water, you could say, "fido learn init tint -2 water avoid".  To use "greet-quiet" in the "init" trick, make it the last command in the chain. The dog will exclude any commands after "greet-quiet."

You can go to the clinic and update your dogs to have the above features.

A clinic is located at:

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