Dogfather LOW Prim Decorative Pet Shop- Only in Rhoda, At Vitolo Rossini's Place. Located in the hills at Dogland Park. What better a place to sell 1 prim Birdcages, and Fish Tanks! Decorative non animated Birdcages, Fishtanks, Hamster cages, Lizard Cages, Critter cages. All are 1 prim or low prim, beautiful cages, very inexpensive. No cages over L$25. VKC Dog Park adjoins Dogland Park. Occasional Virtual Kennel Club dogs for resale by owners. Surrounded by 60,000+ m. of Dog Park area, with agility course and lots more.

Dogland Agility Course

The most realistic Agility Course you will find in world! 
Teach dogs to run the poles, Tube, ramp, tire jump, flaming walls, and teach them to do the "finish line" ... where they will end the course with an announcement and fanfare music!
There is an optional seesaw for those with real skill!
You can IM Vitolo Rossini anytime for a demo of one of the dogs running the complete course.
Enjoy all Dogland has to offer

Dogland Welcome Center

Located at Vitolo Rossini's Dogland Dog Park. The Welcome center has Notecard /landmark givers of places with dog supplies,and services. Landmark/notecard giving adboards for rent if  dog related. Supplies for VKC dogs. Scripted Welcome Mats.

Dogland Boardwalk

Artwork displayed on a Boardwalk. See the fantastic collection of Morality Monkey art( hear no evil...etc.) All sales, or donations here support  Dogland Park,  & Survivors of TBI. Fully Trained VKC Dogs occasionally found  here for relocation, at very low prices. All of you know that I place fully trained dogs at Dogland for sale at really low prices. Every day I will place the best deal of all at This location, so check in! WARNING-THIS IS A KID SAFE ZONE, and I do not take this lightly!
Talking Macaw Parrot. Sealife, and Other pets
  IM Vitolo Rossini for info. 

The Plaza at Dogland

Above the beach at Dogland Park, you will find Fully Trained VKC dogs ready to be relocated into new homes. These dogs cost less than the untrained dogs at the other dog parks. Prospective dog owners can leave their names on a list to be contacted when the breed of their choice becomes available.

Dogland Pet Memorial

I heard your call for a Pet Memorial that was without cost to use, so I added one to Dogland Park. The Memorial Wall is located near the duck pond close to the Dogland Little Theater. There is plenty of room for anyone to memorialize their friends that have passed. Send me a full perm picture of your pet, and write a notecard about them- say what is in your heart. Your pet will appear on the wall the very same day, and will remain there for you and for others to visit, when at Dogland. This memorial is for anyone who has lost their rl best friend. 
Rhoda 166, 243, 27 

Dogland for other types of pets:

At Dogland Park we are not only the best Dog Park in SL, we carry Shoulder pets by Todd Borst. We carry "Fantasy Pets", by Enfield , and the MOST amazing Talking Macaws,  by Jazz Johin. The Macaws come in two sizes & different colors, and there is no better value in world on such an animated creation! These birds are distributed only through Dogland/Dogfather affiliates.
There are motorcycles also, by Mayhem Custom choppers.
D&D Dogs serviced by authorized rep. here also.
You will find dogs to play with and the strongest customer support in SL.
This is the greatest and lowest priced place to find gifts for friends and loved ones... and what a TERRIFIC gift a pet makes!
Contact Vitolo Rossini or Danny06 Aya for info.
Dog toys, dog houses, dog supplies, Parrot, Pets, bird, birds, puppies, kittens,cats, hamsters, magic bunny, dragons, Tigers.
Free menu driven Welcome Mats bark or meow  when stepped on plus your personal message!

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